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Here is a comment from a mom that brought her daughter to see "Not Me"

SO glad my 13 yr old daughters soccer game was rained out so that we could attend tonight's showing of Not Me!

I can not tell you how much I appreciate the education for both of us.

I was shocked that she never touched her phone the entire time. I was shocked that at 8:00pm I leaned in to tell her we should probably go since I knew she still had homework and hadn't eaten. I was shocked when she waved me off and said no we should stay it will be fine. I was happy that she asked for a tshirt and bracelets to give to some friends. I was happy that she suggested we buy a drug test so that she could tell friends her parents test. I was even happier with the conversation she and I had the entire way home.

That amount of information she absorbed was amazing! She loved all of the advice. She thought the idea of a 'code word' to text would be perfect for us. So she decided that our code word would be 'yellow' 'orange' or 'red'. Yellow = she feels slightly uncomfortable and doesn't want to be where she is. Orange = she feels something bad will happen with drugs/alcohol. Red = drugs and alcohol are very present and she needs to leave! We are to call her with "a family emergency" when we receive one of the words. (she wanted different levels of codes so that we wouldn't be so scared every time and understand the situation we are walking into)

Last thing she said before she went to bed was that she was excited to wear her shirt tomorrow and tell people the story behind it. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! ALL of you!

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WTF provides education, support and resources for families dealing with substance use.  You are not alone in this battle!

Trailer of "NOT ME" documentary

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August 31. 2015

International Overdose Awareness Day

October 24, 2015

WTF is hosting our 2nd Annual

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Forrestwood Middle School, Flower Mound, TX  

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